29 April 2009

back from Roadburn
we all had a very good time
arrived there on Friday night only
could only enjoy some of Saturday's bands
Grails, Om, Guapo, Neurosis and Tribe of Neurot
all of them really excellent
the place is just what it needs to be, perfect size
you can feel that the audience is there for the music and the vibe,
nothing else
everybody is enjoying what is happening
thanks to the organisation and all the people involved
a special thanks to Neurosis, not only for curating this very special
night, but for
their very intense music and for beeing so true to it
later in the hall and in the backstage, after Tribes of Neurot
time seemed to look for a place to land
a few more glimpses at the reminding sound auras
time to go in the morning rain
Beyond the Pale
in french : au ban de la société / pas fréquentable
you bet
Franz Treichler / TYG


It was amazing to meet and get to know Grails. A truly moving show for me. Zeni Geva was an incredible show to watch. "LIfe is improvisation/ Improvisation is life" Need I say more...It was the first time I got to see OM. Also a moving performance for me and Al couldn't have been a nicer man. Very honored to have met him as well. Nadja were great again- as usual. Although I missed Baroness it was great to meet John and talk a bunch over the course of two days. Great to see Amen Ra again on that tour. Neurosis through silver in blood brought back some great memories. A surprise well worth the bleeding eardrums. Scott wins for overachieving in the Tribes of Neurot set. USX did brought it all to the table once again. I missed some things I really would have loved to see- Eugene Robinson got past me- maybe I'll meet him and see his show in the near future-as well as earth. And how does Skullflower make those noises-outstanding. The list goes on-but I was burned by all that I saw and honored to meet as many people as I did. Domenic- A Storm Of Light

28 April 2009

Amazing weekend.

I would say the bar has been raised yet again for other heavy music festivals but that doesn't really describe it.

Raised the bar? Yeah, better put your fucking jet pack on kid.

More later, including details and some pics. Right now I pray all my luggage finally makes it home ok.

- Roeder

26 April 2009

great to meet up with old friends and make new -- just wish we could've seen more bands! but still a great pleasure to play.

and, emil, don't be such a slacker.

The beginning of a great backstage story: " did i ever tell you about that pro wrestler he was locked up with?". USX
Confusion. Fear of self-loathing. Never playing with om and grails again. ...just don't like them. I mean personally. ..musically they are merely sub par... And that's my shit... That's my thing ....i've never used a blackberry before.... But back to self loathing.... Who played twice. Wino and me. That's who. - emil amos
Stay sweet. Have a bitchin summer. Luv, grails.

25 April 2009

Grails ruled the land! Thanks to Relicmaster for the guitar, much appreciated. A Storm of Light is excited for the upcoming tour with Wolves in the Throneroom and Krallice. Cheers, Josh Graham
Grails are the best thing that have ever happened to the world and especially tillburg. Domenic a storm of light
Grails were phenomenal. Amen Ra, Storm, and Daturas killed it. Currently running back and forth between Young Gods and Six Organs. Ben Chasny is a sick guitar player. Overwhelmed by it all.
Noah here. Just ran into kk null and tabata from zeni geva. They looked hungry. Everything has been intensely today. Seeing somany feriendsa and fellow musician. A storm of light were epic and huge. Yesterday highlights were saint vitus who are deffiniely from another awesome era. Dave Ed and i used to take acid listen to them in the earliest hours of the morning. it was the heaviest thing we could find when we were fourteen years old. It was an honor to be in that room. Scott Kellys performance was amazing. He left the whole room feeling emotionally stirred yet somehow lighter. Gotta go now to see Young Gods. Im honored to play with them again.

Kick-off, Beyond The Pale






Earth were. Like a climatic journey into the unknown. Robert/Grey Daturas
The Grails set just devolved into a glorious miasma of sound and rhythm.

23 April 2009

Friday Night at Roadburn

Arrived this morning... who needs sleep?  It is so good to be here.  Just watched Minsk.  They were awesome!  Catching up with old friends.  This is going to be overwhelming!  So many folks, so many sets of amazing sound, not enough time.  Onward.

Steve Von Till

22 April 2009

The Neurosis convergence has begun. Travelers embark for the land of maximum volume and transcendant experiential music.

Excitement is an understatement!

On the eve of our departure from the states, I can't help but reflect on what an absolute honor it is to be hosting such an amazing and historic event.  So many brothers, peers, and sonic heroes in one place!  This will be no ordinary rock fest, this will be an emotional whirlwind.  Safe travels and I will see you all in Tilburg.

Steve Von Till